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Green Hemp Farms

Green Hemp Farms (GHF) is a new start up Delaware registered company in USA. It plans Indoor Hemp Farming in 60,000 sq ft Industrial facility in Colorado and is underway with Outdoor Hemp Farming on 300 Acres of agricultural land in Kentucky.  Currently processing full-spectrum CBD oil and wax through CO2 Extraction in Colorado and Alcohol extraction in Kentucky.

Green Hemp Farms has already installed 300L CO2 Extraction Unit with Distillation Equipment in 8200 Sq. Ft. Industrial Facility in Delta, Colorado in March 2018, and have been extracting and distilling CBD oil since then. To meet the demand of CBD oil, GHF just installed Ethos-6 Alcohol Extraction unit from Capna in recently purchased 16,000 Sq Ft. Facility in Louisville, Kentucky in February 2019.

While Delta Facility can produce and distill up to 200 Kg. of CBD oil per month if running 24 hours, 7 days a week, Louisville Facility can produce close to 500 Kg. of isolate per month when running full capacity.

GHF has obtained permit of 150 acres Outdoor Hemp Farming on its 309 Acre Agricultural Farm for 2019 season. GHF also offers industrial hemp clones of 6 high CBD strains for licensed growers around the country.

Our focus remains on state of the art maintenance, growth and harvesting of high CBD containing hemp and CBD extraction and distillation.

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Anything can be made from hemp and has been for centuries. Check out our Hemp Marketplace ads.  Our experienced officers offer custom consulting services to growers and extractors around the country.  Whether you have a license and need help dialing in your SOP’s or you are looking to get into the industry, we can help….

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Green Hemp Farming is a Licensed biomass purchaser in the States of Colorado and Kentucky. We will be…

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  Delta Office: 1760 Gunnison Avenue, Delta, 81416

    Louisville Office: 4110 Algonquin Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40211 


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