CBD Oil and Wax

CBD Oil – A Magical Cure

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an extract from Cannabis. It has been used to cure ailments from time immemorial. However in recent times, there has been some controversy regarding its use due to the stigma attached to cannabis in modern society. Further, its effects on the human body are not sufficiently documented. As a result people are quite apprehensive about using it. However, the fact that it does have some medical benefits is not contested. So this article will explore its various benefits and the possible tradeoffs that may arise in its medical usage.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound. There are many compounds called Cannabidiol. CBD is one such compound. The other famous compound is TCH, which provides a mind altering high. This is used when smoking or cooking. CBD on the other hand provides no high. It does however have other significant impacts on the body. It is extracted from the hemp of Cannabis Sativa. An oil which has a high concentration of CBD is known of CBD oil. This oil is said to have many medical benefits, but provides none of the high that is provided by TCH rich extracts.


Workings of the CBD Oil

Much like all other Cannabidiols, even CBD produces various effects by attaching itself to various receptors around the body. The human body has 2 CBD receptors, CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are found all over the body. Some in the brain, some in the immune system and the rest all over the body. The common misconception was that CBD attaches itself to one of these receptors and create the desired effects. However subsequent research has proved that CBD attaches to neither receptor, but instead directs the body to produce more of its own Cannabidiols.


CBD oil Benefits are plenty. There is debate about its legality and side effects, but none about its effectiveness in treating certain conditions. Let us now look at what it can do.

Relieves Pain And Inflammation

This is one of the most popular uses of CBD oil. It is a more natural alternative to prescription or over the counter drugs which are largely synthetic. It is also known to reduce inflammation. Overall, it is said to reduce chronic pain, stiffness and inflammation. So you can use CBD oil for pain relief.  It is only one application of this extract.

Cures Smoking And Drug Addiction

Research has shown that CBD oil can help cure smoking and drug addiction. Individuals who used CBD oil in one form or another smoked fewer smokes every day and saw a reduction in nicotine craving. The same can be said for even drug and opioid addictions. But it has further benefits in this regard. It also has the potential to reduce drug abuse related disorders such as anxiety and insomnia. It even reduces the effects of withdrawal. Hence, you can use CBD oil for anxiety, insomnia and other withdrawal symptoms along with addiction curing capabilities.

Epilepsy Relief

In what is a milestone victory for advocates of Cannabis products, the United States recently legalized the use of CBD for treatment of 2 types of seizure. Firstly for Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, which is soon among 3 to 5 year olds and causes seizures and secondly for Dravet Syndrome, which is seen in the first year and involves seizures due to fever. These seizures are almost impossible to cure with other types of drugs. An FDA approval means that this drug has been tested and found to be both safe and effective, which is a step towards stigma removal.

Cancer Cure Application

There exists some research to prove that CBD may even help in the combatting of cancer! CBD does so in a couple of ways. Firstly, it reduces the spread of cancer. Secondly, it prevents or at least reduces the multiplication of cancer cells and promotes their destruction. Further, it has been found that CBD possesses a low level of toxicity. This means that it can be introduced in the cancer cure mechanism as a supplement or alternative. This does however require more research as the current progress is still limited and is at its nascent stage only.

Other Applications

CBD has many other applications too. For instance, they have proven to be effective in countering type 1 diabetes. It does so by protecting the pancreas against elements that lead to its inflammation. This, at the least, delays the onset of type 1 diabetes. It can also help combat Alzheimer’s disease. CBD helps in recognition of Social patterns and hence, can help people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s remember faces and other stimuli for longer. Further, it also has application in the treatment of Acne and has already mentioned previously, can help in treatment of anxiety too.

How To Use?


CBD oil can be applied in many ways. This aspect will largely be dictated by the condition for which you are using it. CBD can also be found in wax form, and is called CBD wax. This can be found in the form CBD Dab Wax, which helps in application. In order to find CBD oil or wax, which can be slightly challenging, you can simply Google CBD oil near me and find shops which sell it, provided it’s not illegal in your location. So it might always be prudent to check if it is legal first.


CBD oil has many benefits. CBD wax benefits are largely similar to that of the oil. The research on many aspects of its medical application are still in its nascent stages, but people have sworn that it is useful since time immemorial. It may be fair to assume that such testimonials hold some water. So if you are fed up of conventional means, do give it a try. But before doing so, be mindful of its side effects, if any and also research on the legality of its use in your location. If you find it compatible, do try!