Do You Know What’s in Your CBD Products?

Do You Know What’s in Your CBD Products?

It seems that no matter where you turn, all anyone can talk about these days is cannabidiol (CBD) products and how much those products have helped people from all different walks of life. But, while there is some credibility to the benefits of CBD for people, it’s important to take a step back and look at all of the issues that are involved with CBD products.

First, why did CBD products become so popular all of a sudden? A few years ago, CBD products were nowhere near as close to the mainstream as they are nowadays and there’s quite a few reasons for the current explosion of CBD products both in the news and in the marketplace. However, the chief reason for CBD’s outburst is that, in 2018, Congress passed, and President Trump signed into law, what is known as the Federal Farm Bill. In this bill, a new federal hemp regulatory system was established under the U.S. Department of Agriculture which aims to facilitate the commercial cultivation, processing, and marketing of hemp. More importantly, the Bill removes hemp and hemp seeds from the statutory definition of marijuana as well as the DEA schedule of Controlled Substances and makes hemp an eligible crop under the federal crop insurance program. All this led to farmers being able to grow hemp plants without fear of retribution and kickstarted the already growing CBD industry.

However, with all of the growth that the CBD market has experienced, it seems as though the regulations and laws governing CBD products have not necessarily been able to catch up. There are multiple reports and stories by journals and industry insiders that state that most products labeled as containing CBD either do not contain the amount of CBD advertised, contain other products in addition to CBD or are misleading in other ways. In fact, in a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2017 showed that 26% of products on the market contained less CBD than labeled and there is reason to believe that that number has grown significantly with more and more manufacturers seeking to make some quick money off CBD’s popularity.

That’s why it’s important for consumers to make sure that they know exactly what is in their CBD products and that they’re getting the right amount of CBD in their products. Consumers should make sure that the products they are purchasing are independently tested and verified by a reputable third party laboratory which shows exactly what’s in those products.

Since it is so important to make sure that people know exactly what’s in their CBD products, Green Hemp Farms is very excited to announce the launch of their very own CBD-based product line, CBDBoost! We are one of the few manufacturers who can truly say that we know exactly what goes into our products since we not only make CBD products…….we grow our own hemp!!!

Green Hemp Farms has a large farm located in Kentucky, where we grow our own fields of hemp plants, from seedlings in our facility all the way to full growth in the fields. Once they reach maturity, we harvest our plants and allow them to dry in our barns. After the plants have dried for the necessary amount of time, we ship them to our state-of-the-art extraction facility in Colorado. Once the material arrives in Colorado, our skilled employees begin the extraction process and begin turning our raw plant material into golden CBD oil. Once we finish our extraction process and produce our full-spectrum CBD oil, we send it to a third party lab to ensure that our oil does not contain more than the legally allowable limit for THC. After it has been verified by the laboratory, we begin using that CBD oil to make our line of products!

Currently, Green Hemp Farms’ CBDBoost line is proud to offer the following products: lip balms (available in three different flavors), candles, a pain-relief balm, a healing cream (similar to antibacterial ointments that are found over the counter), and a body and face lotion! All of these products have varying amounts of CBD in them and have been verified by a laboratory showing that they contain the correct amounts of CBD!

So, why take a chance on a random manufacturer’s CBD products, where you have no idea where they got their CBD or whether their products even have any CBD, when, instead, you can get products straight from the grower themselves? Take a moment to check out our product website at and contact us if you’d like to boost your life with true CBD-based products!

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